Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reality Check

Lately I've been tuning into some of the weight-loss reality shows (don't laugh!) like The Biggest Loser, The Last 10 Pounds, and one that really got my attention in the schedule, Bulging Brides (Canadian production).

Originally I was watching them to get personal training tips but, after a while, I realized I was most impressed with the beginnings and ends of the shows--where people started, how they progressed, the big reveals at the end!

Of course you can get pretty amazing results if you have personal trainers and nutritionists watching your every move and everything you consume for weeks on end!

But therein lies the difference between them and you... and me for that matter! They (the los-ers) have the pressure of the world watching them--succeed or fail--and people to keep them accountable and on track.

So, if you want results either: hire yourself battery of professionals and throw a party where you step on a scale and have someone take your measurements and enter them on big board for the world to see, and then have a nutritionist go through your cupboards and go to the supermarket with you, etc. or; make sure you have clear goals for yourself and a good support team of friends and family--having a training partner can be a big motivator, track your progress either in a diary or one of the many on-line journals like FitDay.

Find a way to keep yourself accountable!