Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey! A Post!

Life's been very busy lately... a couple of new clients, teaching a class at the new rec. centre, gigs and Relay for Life coming up next week, local jazz festival the week after that... time flies.

I have been planning a month-long boot camp for June -- it'll be 3 times/week at the beach. An idyllic setting I think! I have all sorts of nifty things planned like gift certificates from the local lingerie store with an initial weigh-in and body assessment, some prizes at the end... today I made my own agility ladder using nylon cord and cedar slats (which should be fine if they're not stomped on too many times!), I bought some inexpensive matting from Home Depot which I'll be cutting into small mats for doing crunches, etc. I have skipping ropes and resistance bands... I think I'm pretty much set.

So far I have 7 people signed up... and that's before the actual sign-up day, which is tomorrow at the lingerie store. I'm aiming for a class of 15. I'll be there from 10 to 2... Should be fun... and dangerous for me as they have some really nice lingerie...

The sign-up weigh-in and measurement is optional, but I bought a fancy new bodyfat scale for the occasion. I already had one, but it goes through triple A batteries in a matter of days and is complex to program--the new one runs on lithium batteries and seems really easy to operate in comparison. Although you can't really rely on these as any kind of completely accurate measure, they are a good tool to benchmark... and somewhat entertaining.

I ran/walked for the first time in quite some time a couple of days ago (my knees don't usually hold up well to that kind of abuse) but I'll be doing some running in the boot camp so I need to make sure I can keep up... and now, the inevitable shin splints... ow.

I did a really long walk today on the beach with Susann and we walked a trail up a hill and back down to the beach that will be a regular route for the boot camp... I also did another run/walk this evening with Brian. That seemed to loosen up the kinks some.

I also remembered that I had a pedometer today and decided to try wearing it... the goal is 10,000 steps/day... I was curious to see how many I do. It was not really a typical day, but I did close to 11,000. I need more days like this!