Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fashion Show!

I'm very happy to announce the opening of my new store Garage Wear!

We started with a fashion show on July 11th for my store and Bodacious, another new vendor in The Lane, where some very brave friends modelled some of the items from the store... later we had a wine & cheese reception.

This all happened very quickly -- I made the decision to open about a week before I left on vacation two weeks ago, so I was able to make an order before I left and have had one shipment to fill racks with--the store still looks a little empty.

I'll continue looking for items and filling out the stock as the weeks go by so keep checking back and I'll also keep you posted--I should have some more stuff from HT Naturals this week and am hoping to get some things from Ellswear in Victoria in the next couple of weeks!

I really want to thank Lorna Ketler from Bodacious for all her help, Peter Beauchamp for all the support, encouragement (and loans of fixtures), Kerry Pollack from Public Myth for getting me stock so quickly and Susann, Marlene and Christina for modelling!