Thursday, September 03, 2009

Congratulations... all those who participated in our August Bootcamp Challenge! We gave away some great prizes.

Sandra Brown was the winner of our Push-up Challenge at the beginning of the month—she won free entry to the class completing the most push-ups in one minute!

Selina Statnyk, who has been attending bootcamp for the past few months, also won a $50 Gift Certificate from Garage Wear for being the returning bootcamper who completed the most push-ups in a minute at the start of the class!

We also gave out prizes throughout the month for various challenges with a draw at the end of the month. Winners were (and please contact me if your name is below and you were not there for the draw and have not yet picked up your prize!):

Lisa Stiver, Sandra Brown –bamboo sports socks
Sandra Cliffe/Laura Christmas – sports bags
Jacqueline Reid - $50 gift certificate for Garage Wear
Liz O’Brien Russell - $50 gift certificate for Garage Wear
Christina Symons – dinner for 4 at the Wild Bistro
Selina Statnyk - $200 gift certificate for Garage Wear

It’s been a really great summer weather wise and I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone who has come out—so thanks again for making it memorable!

There were many wildlife firsts this year including otter sightings, a bear and coyote in attendance at various classes and the usual seals, birds and dogs... and more than the usual amount of people bar-b-cueing at our evening sessions!

We do have one more month of Bootcamp starting on September 7th – we will be continuing classes at 6 am, 7 am and 7 pm. If you would like to attend any of these classes before we move into our indoor classes for October, please let me know asap which session you would prefer if you have not already contacted me.