Sunday, April 26, 2009

May 10 – Move For Health Day launches Pay-What-You-Can Bootcamp Sundays in Gibsons!

About Move for Health Day

The World Health Organization urges its member states to promote Move for Health Day annually to raise awareness of physical activity as essential to health and well-being.
Since 2002, the World Health Organization has promoted Move for Health Day (MFHD) as a global day of physical activity. The BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) and partners have led this initiative to bring awareness and life to this campaign in BC. May 10, Move for Health Day, is now a contributing factor to the province's efforts to meet the 20% physical activity goal for a healthier BC in 2010. The day has captured the imaginations of many and is becoming a launching pad for summer activity routines.

Last year, approximately 68,026 British Columbians from all corners of the Province got moving on Move for Health Day. Through the efforts of community programmers and leaders and many other motivated individuals our goal for 2009 is to have 200 events registered and 70,000 British Columbians getting active!

Pay-What-You-Can Boot Camp – Affordable Fitness for All to Benefit the Gibsons Food Bank

This year, as part of the Move For Health Day I'm inviting everyone to participate in a Pay-What-You-Can Boot Camp workout at 11 am on Sunday, May 10th at Dougall Park in lower Gibsons. This bootcamp will continue on Sundays through the summer with proceeds benefiting the Gibsons Food.

Get Fit and Help the Gibsons Food Bank - If funds are tight, this boot camp is a great way to get in a weekend workout for little to no money… it’ll include lots of great body-weight moves that require no equipment and can be done anytime, anywhere! And, for those who have been thinking of giving a bootcamp a try but want to find out what it’s all about, It’s a great way to get a taste of boot camp in the great outdoors without making a big time or money commitment—it will also benefit the Gibsons Food Bank with cash donations or contributions of non-perishable food items.