Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yes, it's been a while since I last posted here. I've been busy. Fall was a blur of music events (we did a local version of Idol that was a big hit and ran for 10 weeks!), the holiday season and a LOT of snow (for our area)--which put quite a damper on everything pretty much--holiday parties with friends, Christmas shopping... getting out of the drive-way.

Nevertheless, the roof did not collapse under the weight of the snow, we managed to have a lovely Christmas dinner with friends at home and a relatively quiet New Year's Eve at a local restaurant... and now it's... March! Sheesh!

I had an idea for a Fitness Challenge and proposed it to the local radio Station CKAY -- they were excited to do it and offered up Matt Morris, their morning show host, to do it with a couple of listeners and their progress is being tracked on-air.

We're heading into week 5 and it's been a lot of fun... and some not-so-fun as it is 3 days a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) and I've given our Monday sessions over to Tanya Flynn who teaches yoga in my studio and also has a lot of Bootcamp experience--she is leading those sessions outside in different locations and last week it rained buckets while we were outside.

(Wet pushups on a bench in Lower Gibsons--yick!)

Everyone was quite happy with our inside "weights" day the following Wednesday... especially as the ground outside was, once again, covered with snow!

The class is a competition between the 2 listeners (in previous pic on either end). At the end of the six-week session we'll be doing some measurements and testing to see who has the most improvement--and it will be very interesting to see as these 2 are on total opposites of the scales. The winner gets a nice package of a night at a local resort spa, cleaning services, etc.

That's it for now--I will (honestly!) start to post more!

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