Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Month of "Eating Clean"

So, (as Randy from American Idol likes to say)... here's the thing. Someone on my FB list mentioned wanting to "eat clean" and the only thing she was eating these days was tuna on salad... I gave a few suggestions but I'm not a nutrition expert (very few personal trainers are BTW--if they say they are--ask for credentials!). I have, however, been a fitness professional for some years and, although my eating habits are pretty good, they could be better. I also have a few reasons for wanting to lean up in the next month (I won't get into that right now though I may have something to share toward the end of May ;-)

So, what I'm a gonna do is... try to eat as cleanly as possible for the next month--this should be long enough to develop better eating habits and also gauge if this does anything for my: energy level, lean to fat ratio and, though this is not my major concern, weight.

I'd appreciate if you: follow along; try it yourself with me; give helpful, friendly suggestions and recipes... or some combination of the preceding.

I'm not extreme about anything--I am going to be realistic about this and allow myself the occasional indulgence--I'll try and keep this to about 10% or less. I don't plan to give up my (1 a day) coffee with cream and sugar, or a glass or 2 of wine on a weekend. Other than that, I will make a concerted effort to cut down on white sugar or white flour products (I don't eat much of those now anyway), fast foods, fatty foods, and a minimal amount of dairy products. I will try to find more creative things to do with vegetables and lean meats and fish and share these with you and let you know my progress.

I'm starting May 1st! Here we go...


There's something about Mary said...

I am in the same boat Verna! Wanting to lean out, and needing to clean up my diet which is already mostly clean but need to "tighten the reins" so to speak! I will post some recipes and follow along with cheers and hopefully some inspiration!!!
YAY! Good luck everyone!

Verna said...

Awesome Mary!

Bboop33 said...

It's not gonna happen, but as I am your unhealthy sister, I will attempt to whittle down my soda consumption to 3/week, and make the concerted effort to cut down on white flour products, as well as bulk up my vegetable & water consumption! Just cause Im your sis.

Verna said...

Excellent Betts!