Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Time fries... er, flies... when you're having fun!

First of all, what the heck did I do yesterday? There was quite a bit of running around followed by yoga in the evening and then a long stint on the couch watching The Voice--which I'm enjoying... as for food yesterday... hmmm...

I started with my usual toast and coffee and then off to pick up my first client...
... a lovely woman who is training for the Summer Special Olympics in Greece in a couple of months. I pick her up and take her home after her sessions but as soon as she's in my car when I pick her up, she asks if we can get coffee when we're done ;-) So our routine is to drop into the local Starbucks after her workout, where I get her a tall coffee and I sometimes get tea... and usually an oat bar. On this day I opted for only this picture.

It's lucky that I don't like most of their baked treats--they're just really not that good! ...except for the pumpkin scone which, although on the dry side, still manages to get my attention--it's just lucky they don't have them year-round! Here's a link to the calorie count/nutritional info -- this is for a "120" gram serving but I'd bet my muffin top that those servings are a lot bigger than that!

After dropping her off, I headed home and, for lunch, I went with a couple of eggs and the rest of the yam that I'd steamed the night before--ok, if I wanted to get really serious about "clean" I might have just eaten the egg whites. But that's just silly.

Headed off to my second client of the day who resides at an elderly care home and then to an appointment in Sechelt... after which I did stop for a Rooibos tea latte at Starbucks -- definately not clean-diet approved with a couple of shots of vanilla syrup...

For dinner I did a roasted organic chicken with celery, carrots, whole garlic cloves, and onions. I drizzled a small amount of olive oil over the veggies and used lots of herbs. I added mushrooms in the last 5 minutes. I had 1/2 a breast (skin removed) and my bf had a wing and drumstick and we saved the rest for today.
The vegetables do pick up some fat from the chicken during roasting--although organic chicken does not seem have as much fat as a regular one, so, to make this a really "clean" meal I could have roasted the vegetables separately but I love having everything in one dish... and it was really good.

...later I had a yogurt with fruit on the bottom... and a square of dark chocolate.

A couple of things I have also been doing in the last few days since starting this eating blog fest:

I've been making a concerted effort to drink more water... at LEAST 8 cups a day--I keep a filled Britta filter jug next to the kitchen sink with a glass and have a cup almost every time I go to the sink. Drinking water is so important--even more so when you're active!

According to Wiki (random search) it "is your body's most important nutrient, is involved in every bodily function, and makes up 70- 75% of your total body weight. Water helps you to maintain body temperature, metabolize body fat, aids in digestion, lubricates and cushions organs, transports nutrients, and flushes toxins from your body." Read the whole article here.

The other thing I've been doing is remembering to take a multi-vitamin and vitamin D supplement daily. I know many people recommend many things but I prefer to get my nutrients from natural sources. We don't, however, get enough sun most of the year here to absorb enough Vitamin D naturally, and *shrug* it never hurts to cover your bases with a multi-vitamin because, personally, I'm sure I'm not getting everything I need from the variety of food I eat.'s menu selections tomorrow as it's late and I also need to get more sleep these days!

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